Style Guide: Prepping for Spring

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The HomeLife Style Guide


Photo by Collov Home Design

Re-imagine your spaces. They’re cleaner, more functional, and more you. And maybe they’re a different you because Spring heralds a new wave of houses on the market. If you’re buying, selling, renting, or staying, this year’s interior decor is all about declaring your own style.

New Interior Design Trends this Season

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Spring is also the start of a new selling/buying season for houses, so if you’re looking to buy or sell your home, remember to be you.

Find a real estate agent who wants to get to know your family and your taste. A quality real estate agent will not only understand the market and the intricacies of home-hunting, they should also understand you, your home, and your dream home.

Photo by Todd Kent

*The opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily those of HomeLife Realty Inc. or HomeLife Members.​

As spring dawns, change is in the air. You’re beginning to thaw and imagine better days, new beginnings and perhaps some… spring cleaning? But March is not quite there yet.

What do we do before Spring’s grand entrance? We start to wake up. We get inspired, we declutter & donate and we prepare to clean & redecorate.

Photo by Spacejoy

2023 Home Trends: Pride in your heritage and your history. Telling a story about where you came from and where you are now...

Be proud of your heritage and your history. Tell a story about where you came from and where you are now by contrasting antiques with luxury fabrics.

Elegant and embroidered fabrics mix beautifully with both rustic and modern furniture.


Don’t be shy. If you have a beautiful or expensive piece, put it on a pedestal.

Minimalism and maximalism are both in. Let your art, your shelves, and your walls tell a story.

Photo by Steph Wilson

Staging a home often ignores who you are and now more than ever, trends show that people are more interested in uniqueness and stories than what’s “current.” When you find a quality agent, stager, mortgage broker, mover and everything in between it truly makes the entire experience more of a dream.

Photo by Abbilyn Rurenko

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