How to Build a Strong Real Estate Team

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Building a strong real estate team is more than just hiring top-producing agents, as it takes consistency, long-lasting relationships, and productive leaders to form a durable, enterprising, and well-fitted team.

#1 Strong Support Staff

A team of strong support staff makes or breaks the organization. Having strong support staff is vital as the support team is the heartbeat of the business. From paperwork, procedures, appointments, customer services, and many more responsibilities, they will certainly organize your team’s everyday operations in order and manageable.

#2 Foster Team Culture

The best teams help each other out instead of competing against each other. Diversify your team and find a combination of experienced and green agents that have a similar working style, with dynamic personalities that will work well together. Hosting quarterly outings or events can be helpful.

#3 Invest in Education

Continued learning is a must when it comes to improving your competitive edge in the current digital landscape. There’s always a new platform, a new social media channel, a new way to generate leads, staying on top of the trends is essential. Invest your time and resources at least once a month to focus on each business area.

#4 Promote Accountability

With new agents, provide extensive training and support from the rest of the team and allow them to shadow you for a month. That will create a routine of healthy habits, best practices, and industry tips that can enable success. Each team member should have a realistic goal and have bi-weekly meetings to update each other on their progress, discuss hot leads, identify areas or listings that need attention, and offer referrals or help when needed.

What does your ideal dream team look like?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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