Top 5 Traits Successful Agents & Brokers Have

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What do Top Agents and Brokers have in common? What does it take to take to reach new heights? Here are the Top 5 traits that exemplify the Higher Standards of a successful Real Estate professional.

#1 Discipline to create Consistency

With a busy schedule with showings, appointments, meetings, etc, it is important to create a regular routine to establish daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. Building a consistent effort and healthy business operating habits will keep you and your team on track in the right direction such as following up with your current prospects and carving time to generate new leads.

#2 The Winning Point of Brilliance

Each agent, broker, or team has their own unique trait, quality, or feature that can be amplified in their presentations, proposals, or marketing plans. Whether it is a language, magnetic personality, background connection, neighbourhood expertise, experience in a certain property type, or negotiation skills, or specific skills, it can be effectively utilized to create accelerated value for your clients.

#3 People, People, People

Even with a warm and friendly personality, it takes an entrepreneurial spirit and a winning mindset to achieve long-term goals. The difference is how we connect with liked-mind professionals for referrals, meeting new groups to build the pipeline, and be involved in your community to create momentum to generate new businesses. Set a scheduled time weekly to explore new in-person or digital groups, and engage with positive people. Go the extra mile by reaching out, and take risks by finding your contrasting flavour, it may be inspiring!

#4 The NEW New

With an ever-changing digital landscape with new ways to promote your team, investing time and resources in education is essential. Attend webinars and seminars weekly to improve your knowledge and expertise, with a specific goal to learn about a new topic or a new area of business operations. Adopt the “growth mindset” and be open to new tech, new ideas, because everyone else is doing it and it leads to new opportunities! The most successful people in the world understand that they must continuously learn to be successful.

#5 Support

There’s always a strong support team behind all agents, brokers, and teams – they come in different forms including administrative staff, accounting team, repeat clients, team leaders, managers, and so much more! In addition to receiving support from people, support from tools & resources is also crucial to efficiently drive the new business. From a powerful CRM, 3D virtual reality tours, interactive floorplans, to videos, having a suite of technically advanced tools will make a difference in terms of productivity, detail-oriented outcomes, and professional standards. Mutual support from your network and community will also be helpful for fostering long-term relationships via client appreciation, community giveback, etc.

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