What are the architectural trends for 2023?

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Will existing trends continue to flourish or will we be expecting new and norm-provoking directions? Take a look at the following 5 trends!

1. Mixed-used Developments

Mixed-use developments or buildings combine residential, commercial, retail, and recreational components within a single structure. The higher-density strategy enables a unified collection of various development types while promoting dynamic and vibrant communities!

2. Artificial intelligence Illustrations

Will AI visualization become the new norm for architects? With new design tools emerging in the current market, AI certainly is capable to be utilized for storytelling and ideation. They can be viewed as merging technology and inspiration for new ideas, and eventually being able to provide practical design solutions.

3. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design celebrates nature in its form and embraces nature as an essential element of our urban city. The use of plants and natural materials/elements within interior spaces has remained a popular approach to interior design, and now the trend is extending externally in a broader form, deep into the core of our cities and urban environments. There is a growing commitment globally to the improvement of air quality, the protection of vital ecosystems, and the potential to stabilize extreme temperatures.

4. Smart Materials

While the industry continues to transform with efficiency and sustainability, there are effectively interactive materials, such as smart glass changes, its form depending on the environment such as temperature or UV radiation. There are constant initiations of new, impactful material adaptations, which are becoming vital elements in consideration of architecture and design coming future!

5. Heritage Revitalization

Reusing of the existing structure, or repurposing and renovating existing buildings continues its trend from previous years. The upcycling of buildings and utilizing existing materials retain the beauty of the neighborhood while providing sustainability and innovative advantages.

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