7 Beautiful Ways to Use White Space in Your Home

White walls are a tried and true decor option found predominantly in our bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. There are many versatile styles associated with white space, including scandi and pared-down minimalism – these are styles that flourish most in areas with an abundance of natural light.

To gain a better appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of white space, here are 7 ways to integrate this timeless décor trend in your home.


1. White with Pastels

Image Source: Decoholic

Use chalky pastel accessories, art and furniture to soften stark white walls. You can even try using patterned vintage floral designs to create more of a statement.


2. Wallpaper Accents

Image Source: Waplag

If you like taking décor dares and are looking for a quirky look, try putting some funky wallpaper accents up to dress up your white space.


3. Modern White Kitchen

Image Source: st.hzcdn

Create a modern kitchen by spicing up white walls with black light covers, dark coloured flooring and dark window trims. The contrast looks so chic!


4. Scandinavian Black and White Bathroom

Image Source: Taizh

Scandi décor style consists of a large amount of white space broken up by high contrast tones and statement accessories (like marble countertops or a bright pink bathmat). Bold and dramatic, this décor style works great in bathrooms and gives off a very modern ambience.


5. Purple Highlights

Image Source: Qarmazi

A purple combination (especially on the walls) will make your all white bedroom more charming and personalized. This is a great, youthful style suitable for teenager bedrooms and dorm rooms.


6. All White Living Room

Image Source: Magic 4 Walls

Try an all-white living room look, interspersing colourful paintings, pillows, couches and a glass table within the space to create a cozy space that’s perfect for entertaining.


7. Simple All White Bedroom

Image Source: Drawhome

We love the tranquility and simplicity of a white-walled bedroom. Be sure to use dark accents, art work and furniture throughout the space, too!


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