Less is More: Decorating in Micro-Apartments

Image Source: HGTV

Micro-decorating is a concept that’s becoming more prevalent with the increasing number of micro-apartments springing up in our local cities. But just because you happen to live in a smaller apartment, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. So how do you go about making the most of your tiny space?

Keep reading to find out 7 ways you can incorporate design and décor into your small (but cozy!) apartment.


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Don’t overcompensate with furniture

A small space with open areas is the one that feels the most welcoming. While it might seem impossible to fathom having any leftover space in a small apartment try to leave some room to breathe. Don’t cram furniture in; in a small apartment, less really is more.

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Nix the clutter

If you have a small apartment, clutter is your worst enemy. Keep your space clean, organized and free of any sort of mess. Alleviate the clutter by signing up for e-billing to cut down on the amount of mail you have laying around and don’t let papers sit around – use it, store it or (preferably) chuck it.

Image Source: Homeozoic

Go big or go home

Just because you’re living small doesn’t mean your décor needs to be! While you likely can’t fit a 10-seater sectional in your living room, don’t shy away from big statement decorations like large art for the wall or a big rug for the seating area. Our eyes love contrast so if you choose to only decorate with small items, your space will feel small too.

Image Source: Live Lovely

Brighten the space

Lights and mirrors are your best friends when living micro. Use strategically placed lights to make your space feel more open and buy some mirrors or glass objects to reflect the sources of light; this trick will make your walls seemingly disappear.

Image Source: HGTV

Utilize your surfaces

Keep lighting off your tables and other surfaces as they take up valuable space. Try wall sconces by the bed to eliminate the need for a lamp on your nightstand or use floor lamps in your living area.

Image Source: Decoist

Dual role furniture

Figuring out your space’s function is critical so pick furniture that can perform more than one role. For example, rather than a side table purchase a nesting table (multiple surfaces are better than one) or use an ottoman as your desk chair (it can also be used as a trendy seat in your living area when guests stop by).

Image Source: Inhabitat

Shop at space-saving stores

Stores with a focus on providing solutions for micro-apartment dwellers are the perfect go to resource. We love Resource Furniture, Space Savers, Small Space Plus and Suite 22 – these stores offer trendy décor space-savers including wall beds, wall mounts, sliding door systems and transforming tables.

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