5 Real Estate Tech Trends

Technologically advanced tools are transforming the real estate industry into a fast-paced business. We’ve compiled a list of some exciting innovations and trends we anticipate will have a big impact on the industry. These tech trends will not only transform the way real estate professionals work but will also make listing and buying properties more convenient and practical for their potential clients.

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Already heavily used within the real estate space, drones give agents the ability to capture aerial photography and video and create stand out listings as buyers love to see homes through interactive means. Note that there are a number of limitations currently placed on commercial drone use so if this is something you’re considering using as an agent be sure to budget for and hire a professional to help you capture your footage.

Image Source: Rethink IoT

Smart Homes

Agents, get ready to use your smartphones to properly show off a home. Smart home tech is becoming more affordable and easy to use due to its growing integration with mobile apps. Smart home apps allow homeowners to check if their smoke detector needs maintenance, easily program a home’s lights and even text their appliances (seriously).

Image Source: Dribbble

Wearable Tech

The wearable tech market has been rapidly growing since 2014 and more agents are buying smartwatches to stay organized. These watches keep their e-mail, calendar, texts and other relevant client communication methods right at their wrists. As for eyewear (RIP Google Glass), a number of brands have been coming out with a range of eyewear tech that benefits agents – pulling up information with a tap of a button make things much more efficient and productive.

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3D Tech

3D tech will transform commercial real estate; imagine slipping on a virtual reality headset and being able to view a property from wherever you are! These virtual tours will allow potential buyers to not only see the existing space but also implement interactive floor plans. According to SurveyMonkey, 21% of home buyers in 2015 made an offer on a home without ever having seen it person and this percentage is likely to skyrocket as 3D tech becomes more prominent.

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Telepresence Robots

Telepresence robots allow agents/buyers to be in two places at once... ah yes, the telecommuting dream. Robot owners control the robot with their iPads from wherever they may be – this way agents can communicate face-to-face (virtually) with potential clients at open houses or showcase a home to a prospective client who may live overseas.


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