Top 10 2016 Home Décor Trends

2016 is in full swing and we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite interior design trends you can expect to see making their way into homes over the coming months. Keep reading to discover the 10 looks that will make your space look extra chic this year.

Pink and blue
Source: Quicken Loans

1. Pink and blue

Rose Quartz & Serenity are Pantone’s Colour of the Year. We’re seeing this embracing rose tone and cool tranquil blue popping up all over furniture and home décor stores. 

2. Pendants and pedestals

2016 is the year of Ps! Pendants and pedestals will make key statement pieces at home. 

Eclectic kitchen
Source: HGTV

3. Eclectic kitchens

Forget matchy matchy styling. Extra colour and textures in kitchens will make for a bold statement – this year try pairing two different cabinet styles for a fun, eclectic look. 

4. Metallics 

Metallics make for stunning accessories. Expect to see plenty of brass, gold and copper side tables, jars and drawer handles on display at home furnishing stores.

Floral decor
Source: HGTV 

5. Florals are back

While most of us may think of “floral” and get flashbacks to tacky 1970s décor, this year we’re seeing a reinvention of the style. Streamlined and trendy floral patterns make great statement pieces and can now be found on upholstered seating and armchairs. 

6. Sunrooms

Soak up the sun! Sunrooms have become a “need to have” space for house hunters. No sunroom? Create your own by placing comfy armchairs in a sun-filled corner.

Source: Triangle Home Improvement

7. Fireplaces

Say bye to the TV as fireplaces make a big comeback as the living room focal point. Traditional wood burning fireplaces are being cast aside in favour of technologically advanced ones that create ambiance without any pollution or hassle.

8. Intricate tiling

Patterned, colourful tiles create beautiful focal points from accent walls to kitchen backdrops and bathroom tiles. Pro tip: look for encaustic tiles if you’re going for a look that’s more natural.

9. Ditch the tchotchke

This year we can expect to see decorative objects become more functional and spaces become more minimal. 

Geometric decor
Source: Digs Digs

10. Geometric décor 

Be on the lookout for honeycomb and herringbone geometric patterns in flooring, tiling and accents. The intricate shapes and lines add a lot of great texture and inspiration.

Which 2016 home décor trend or trends are you must excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.