How to Bring Your Family Closer Together

It can be hard to get the family together on a regular basis. Everyone has different schedules, busy days, and a lot of their mind. Parents will often feel exhausted after a long day or week of work and the kids maintain their own busy schedule of school, sports, and day camps. Older kids never want to be at home; they would much rather be out with their friends when they have the chance. With all of this chaos,how is it possible to get everyone together anymore?

Thank goodness for the holidays! Civic and family holidays always give the whole family an opportunity to be together, but it’s never enough. In order to maintain a strong, healthy family dynamic, it is crucial to organize some family time and to stick to it.

There seems to be a rising trend of families spending more and more time apart, but yours doesn’t need to be a part of it! Here are some ideas to ensure that you and your family spend the time you need together… and become closer than ever:

Pick one day a week to be together. A weekend is usually the best option for this. Make sure that it’s a day that everyone can agree upon and one where there are no pressing commitments.

Come up with a variety of activities. A lot of families like to alternate the activity selection. Each week, a different family member will come up with the activity for everyone to enjoy. This will allow the whole family to engage in activities that they wouldn’t normally try!

Make sure that the activity is for everyone. If you have young children, it needs to be something that they will enjoy. But of course, this rule also applies to the adults.

Get feedback. Did everyone have fun? Did they enjoy the time that you spent together? Was there anything else that they felt you needed or lacked? Make sure that you receive any feedback and take it into account for next time.

Never complain. Make it a rule that complaints are for feedback time. There’s nothing worse than having negativity as a backseat driver during a road trip, so keep an open mind.

Encourage variety. Some family time might be as simple as going to a movie together, while others could involve rock climbing or a trip the museum. Make it fun and different every time. There are no limits to the options available to you!

If your calendar says that it’s time for family time, you will never skip it! It’s important that you remain consistent, checking with each family member to make sure that everyone will be available. Whether you’re a large family with several kids and extended family or a smaller family unit, always put aside the time to connect with the people you love most.