Quick Facts on the HomeLife FIVE STAR Higher Standards Brand

We believe that everyone deserves to know the comfort of home.

It is a universal human desire to have a Home and enjoy a happy and comfortable Life surrounded by family and friends. In 1985, HomeLife was founded as an international real estate Franchisor in Toronto, Canada to make this desire a reality for as many people as possible, bringing a Higher Standard to real estate.

Since then, HomeLife has evolved into a coveted FIVE STAR Brand that continues to expand throughout North America and the world, with hundreds of Brokerages and thousands of Agents known throughout the industry for their unmatched levels of certified service.

The Desire to share a happy life in one’s own home is a universal truth that transcends borders, uniting us all. For decades, HomeLife has helped countless people all over the world realize this dream.

The HomeLife Mandate

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of FIVE STAR real estate services possible. By providing a best-in-class experience, the HomeLife label continues to be synonymous with professionalism, giving our Members the opportunity to build their wealth and share in unparalleled results together.

It is our strong, passionate commitment to client service and community involvement that separates us from the rest. With a devoted team dedicated to building world-class systems, services and tools for Members, Clients, and the public, HomeLife offers a memorable experience for everyone.