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With housing prices, rental demand, & investors’ activities continuing to rise, Canada continues to be one of the strongest real estate markets. With major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, new developments are trending for further growth.

The growth in the digital economy will have a positive impact on real estate. Investors’ interest is increasing in the retail sector. Data centers & industrial real estate are resilient sectors & the housing supply benefits the multifamily sector.

The housing index in Slovenia has heightened and reached an all-time high as it depicts a stable demand for purchasing. Rentals also experiencing increased demand. The real estate market is stable with potential for growth.

The real estate sector of Bangladesh is one of the key determining factors contributing to the growing GDP of the country,  mainly driven by growth in the urban population, middle & affluent population, and rising per-capita income.

As local and international demand continues to grow exponentially in Spain, local residents, non-residents, international buyers and investors provide the property markets a steady opportunity for growth in the real estate sector.

With increased activities  in new construction, luxury homes, and resort/commercial development, foreign buyers and international investors have returned to the real estate sector in the Dominican Republic. 

The strong CBI program attracts investors, expats, & snowbirds for residential & hotel properties. The variety of property types from beachfront villas to mountain cottages also benefits the overall growth & is seen as the up-and-coming market.

Guyana maintains a strong outlook as the only country in the region projected to record double-digit growth, partly reflected by the oil boom. It is positioned to also attract investors & new developments with incentives & updated policies.


Costa Rica’s stable economy, stunning natural beauty, & growing tourism industry make it an enticing investment destination for real estate. With increasing demand for vacation rentals & a strong expat community, opportunities abound.


We have exciting news to be announced soon! With our strategic local, national, and global expansion, we are proud to be expanding across the various cities in the world! Get in touch with us to learn more about the area growth plan!

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The #1 Real Estate Training
Program in the World

HLU provides Agents, Brokers, Investors & Owners with over 350+ free courses and webinars. Each of our members is provided with extensive training and in-depth education across all areas including business management, sales conversion, marketing, negotiations, closing, residential, commercial, pre-construction, property management, and more! Our members receive exclusive members-only resources, strategies, marketing & technology services, and local & global network to assist team leaders, brokers, and agents within our community to gain a competitive edge and maximize your customer base, utilizing The 5 Star Luxury Brand™!

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Our Wealth-Building, Wealth-Sharing Programs, the HomeLife Income for Life ™ Residual program, and local, state & global Referral partnerships have provided our members with a platform and system to build generational wealth.

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Full suite of innovative tools and technically advanced apps and software for your everyday business, marketing & management, and operations. We also offer a complete collection of Marketing catalogs of print and digital templates for lead generation, nurturing campaigns and more!

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HomeLife is a fully integrated organization, offering a full-service business model to our Members. We offer additional tools and resources for property management, financial services, commercial real estate, moving services, and more. Through the use of innovative real estate educational programs, cutting-edge systems, proprietary technologies, and effective marketing strategies, we are able to fulfill and broaden professional and personal aspirations and goals in various markets. With a sustainable, growth-oriented model, HomeLife provides our members education, training, marketing, technology, network, and a complete suite of services for professionals and teams to prosper in various marketing, service different demographics, and deliver Higher Standards.

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Continuing to expand locally, nationally, and globally, we are committed to invariably providing our existing and new local & global members with the 5 Star Luxury Brand and Higher Standards™ tools & resources.

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Our business partners are meticulously curated and carefully selected to ensure The 5 Star Luxury Brand and Higher Standards are properly represented and aligned with our business visions and goals.

As the largest Canadian-owned real estate franchisor, we’re proud to be in a nation with robust and diverse communities, with a flourishing and dynamic real estate landscape & market. We are delighted to share the successful tools and resources with our local, national, and global partners. 

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Real estate markets operate differently across all regions, areas, and types. With perspective across many dimensions, strategies, business plans, demographic profiles, and execution formats —we strive to deliver the sustainable forward-thinking real estate solutions of tomorrow catered to your market so our communities, owners, managers, brokers and agents thrive.

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